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About Me

Life is Like bookkeeping, everything must balance…

Hello! My name is Osaya Lalane and I am a Professional Bookkeeper with a 100% Virtual Business called “Profits Blossom Bookkeeping Services”

I have worked for others my whole working life. After having my second son, I did not want to miss out on little moments with them and opportunities to travel. I did not have the flexibility I needed in my job, so I quit and used my years of knowledge in bookkeeping to start my own business.

We all have our reasons why we go into business for ourselves. Whether is a passion like bookkeeping is for me, or you prefer to set your own standards and rules, or you rather be your own boss. What your reason may be, I want to help you work on my passion while you continue to do yours. 

Bookkeeping is not just enjoyable, it brings me great satisfaction to help small businesses get back their freedom to enjoy the things they love. 

Choose Freedom and increase your profits…

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Behind every profitable business is a great Bookkeeper.

If you are feeling lost, not knowing where your money is going, stressing over paying bills, and rushing to get the financial portion of your business completed to spend time with your family, Please reach out to me. I will help you!